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JLMC 307
Digital Video Production

Course to learn how to utilize Adobe Premiere to create video productions for use as communication tools in advertising, promotions, short documentaries and public relations. In addition, understand the technical and artistic fundamentals of video production including planning, scripting, shooting, lighting and digital editing.


JLMC 311
Mobile Photography

Course to learn basic photographic techniques for publication using a mobile device. Includes smartphone operation, lighting, composition and historical overview of photography and use in digital platforms. In addition, learn basic use of image editing software as well as ethical issues involving photo publication in media platforms.

JLMC 316
Visual Communications Design

Course to learn techniques in layout, photo editing, and vector artwork utilizing industry-standard tools such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. In addition, understand the application of visual principles and creative problem-solving to digital, social media, and print design projects. 

PRFA Coffee Hour Flyer.jpg

Communication & Outreach 

Support digital media outreach efforts for the Pickering and Rangel Fellows Association at the U.S. State Department through the Virtual Student Federal Service Internship Program. Create professional visual and written products to facilitate external and internal communication to raise awareness of Pickering and Rangel Fellows and other State Department programs.

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